Thursday, May 29, 2008

Which Kind of Bag Are You Carrying?

On the way home yesterday, I had a revelation about bags. I have seen several preachers take bags and pull out various things ( bottles, cigarette packs, beers, condoms, etc.) and say this is the stuff that people are hiding but the revelation was that everyone has baggage. They differently and we carry them differently nevertheless – it is there. I said “Wow! God, I don’t have to speak anywhere. Why are you breaking all this down like that?" I believe that he wanted me to know this, write it down and ultimately run and tell someone.

Anyway, some have designer bags, expensive bags – they try to make it look good but it is what it is: Baggage.

Some try to camouflage it and wear flamboyant, unique bags and make it look like they have it that way because it is part of their persona or their outfit but in all actuality – they would much rather do with out it.

Then we have those that carry huge bags with a lot of junk in them. Those of “us” that do that know that we don’t need everything but we hold onto everything just in case. We are afraid to let go. We take the same stuff everywhere we go and wonder why we are so weighed down.

Then there are those that carry the tiny bag knowing they don’t have enough room. This is the person that knows that they have things that they know they are not ready to let go but they prematurely toss contents in attempts to make their bag lighter. When they need to reflect on that past emotion or that past experience they can’t because they never went through what they needed to go through. They bailed out too early.

Then there is the individual that carries the big empty bag. They know that there’s nothing in there but everyone else has a bag so they need one too. This person conforms to the world around them instead of being transformed by the renewing of their mind. This individual is free but remains bound by being used to being bound so feel that they must always be bound. Thus, they carry a bag that they do not need.

Most bags are carried on or the majority of the weight is supported by the back. Why? Because it is out of sight. We don’t want the world to see how heavy the load actually is that we have to bear so we dress it up, make it fancy and carry it how society and church tells us that we should carry it. The bag isn’t important – what’s important is what’s in it. We all have bags. Which kind of bag are you carrying?

Shanita Waters
By His Stripes We are Healed, author


Joyfulsister said...

Aloha.. enjoyed this post.. we just had our Women's Camp last month and our them had to do with bags, purses, etc. I did a workshop called Purse-uing The Promises Of God.. and I remember telling the ladies the best purse we can ever fill are the purses in our hearts,full of the promises of God. we are the spiritual purses for the Lord and what we fill the inside our hearts with tells alot in how we carry ourselves as women of God on the outside..

God Bless Lorie

GOD'S LADIE said...

Interesting! I think I sometimes carry the huge bag with alot of stuff in it. I must confess I tend to hold onto some things because of fear. I am learning to step out and trust GOD and to cast all my burdens upon HIM. I am learning that carrying those bags gets to be a little too heavy after a while. Thanks for the insightful post.


Shanita said...

Praise God! I am so glad that you were touched by the post. I too realized that it is sometimes easier to say that I casted all of our cares on Him than it really is to do when I am not ready to surrender. Then I find myself weighed down when there is no need for me to be. He said come to Him all that are heavy laden and burden and HE will give us rest. Therefore, there is no need for me to carry the bag. All I have to do is take it to Him.


M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

Hey there! Thanks for leaving me some wise and thoughtful comments lately. What a great blog you have here! I wonder how you found me? I almost feel like I must know you. Some of the phrases you use in your writing...are things (word for word) that we say.
Any chance you know a pastor named William White?

Shanita Waters said...

Thank you. I don't know Pastor White. But you know what the Word says "His sheep know his voice". We are all talking the same because we are speaking the langague of the King! I am so glad that you enjoyed my blog. I enjoyed yours as well. God is so good! Have a God blessed day!