Thursday, November 13, 2008

God Called us to vOcation not vAcation- Pt. III

Now once we understand that we are called to a vocation and not a vacation we must be ever so careful to walk worthy. Jesus did not hang up on Calvary’s cross so that we could continue to be slaves to Sin. He did not die so that we could continue to be bound by the enemy but that we could have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10).

And as we work at our vocation there will be times when we get discouraged, feel unappreciated and even be sabotaged but we aren’t doing this for man, accolades of man or even for ourselves. We have to do everything we do as to as unto the Lord because only what we do for Christ will last. Man will celebrate us and be in our "amen" corner today and then turn around tomorrow call us everything but a child of God. If we are doing ministry to please man, we will be defeated when we are no longer popular and receiving attention. And if we are being persecuted now as we walk worthy of our vocation, we must continue to do good because our time is coming when we shall reap our reward for holding on and remaining steadfast (Galatians 6:9).

We have to keep in mind that we are in this race for the long haul. We have to preach this here gospel both when the people want to hear and when they don't want to hear it (2 Timothy 4:2). This goes for the people with the offices and titles but also for all of us. We all have a duty to spread the gospel. We can't change our message because we know we're going to step on a few toes. The Word of God is supposed to cut us when we need to be cut (Hebrews 4:12). Every message can't be about prosperity and new mates. As good as all that may sound, we still need to be corrected when we are out of order so that when HE comes back for us we are ready. God called us to a vocation - not a vacation.

We don’t have time to regress or throw in the towel and when we see one another appearing to be having a difficult time we have to lift one another up in prayer even more and offer one another support and encouragement. That’s part of the vocation as well. We are many members but one body all fitly joined together. There are no “small jobs” only small minded people when they begin to lift themselves up and become high minded. So as I close, I remind you that quitting is not an option. Playtime is over.
God called us to a vocation – not a vacation.

God bless you! I pray that God give you strength for this vocation that you may continue to stand. I pray that He will give you grace that you are able to stand the test of time and most of all I pray that He grants you patience so when you begin to grow tired, you will be able to hang on just a little while longer. Don't faint - pray.

God Called us to a vocation - not a vacation.


Sharon said...

This is really good, I think I am going to cut and paste this so I can study this more, I will have to catch up with you! You have done a awesome job at this!
Hugggssssss to you my friend, Be Blessed, so happy you are back!

ZACK said...

Great, great word! You are absolutely right. We have SO MUCH WORK TO DO!

From the Heart said...

I just saw your comment on my previous post. Thanks for stopping by. Your post is great. I will have to visit more often. The title of this blog caught my eye. I've had a lot a health issues over the years but God has seen me through. The last two surgeries I had the pain medicine stopped my breathing, but God brought me back. He is so good and faithful. When the doctor's don't catch something, God does. When you have time and would like to know more about what God had done in my life you can read my post on Reach Out and Touch.
Be blessed,

Joyfulsister said...

Amen Shanita!!
I think that is what helped me to not worry about what people thought when I came to the conclusion that in all that I do, I will do it unto the Lord and I have never been disappointed since *smile*
Besides when it comes down to it, it will just me and the Lord face to face at the end of my life here on earth.'Great post I need to go back and read 1 and 2

Hugz Lorie

Shanita Waters said...

May God continue to bless all of you that blessed my blog with your presence.

@ Sharon - thanks for the encouragement. feel free to copy and paste. Maybe we can do a study together some day.

@ Zack -thank you. I'm glad that you receive the Word as an encouragement.

@ From the heart -Thanks for stoppping by. I "lurk" on your page often. I think it's great. You'll have to show me how to fix mine up someday. (smile) I am praying for your perfect healing in Jesus' name. Remember Isaiah 53:5. He is a healer.

@Joyful Sister - thanks for stopping by, Sis. I frequent your page a lot too and the Lord never ceases to use your gift of writing to bless me.


B His Girl said...

Lord, I pray that Shanita walks in perfect harmony with you. May her talk tomorrow be so honoring of you Lord. I pray that she will be confident of who you have called her to be. She is your girl! :)
I pray that you will do a mighty work in and through her. May her joy spill over to everyone she sees! Thank you Jesus for Shanita.
I pray that we would all be one.