Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Proud American?

I could hardly sleep last night. I tossed and turned and checked the clock every every hour or so. I was anxious to get to the polls. I didn't care how long the lines were or how long I had to wait. I had a made up mind that I was going to cast my vote and nothing could stand in my way. Not lack of sleep, long lines or the negativity that some have been spreading in their attempts to suppress the vote. I was voting and that was it! (Imagine how much better of we could be if we took that same initiative and applied it to other decisions we need to make in life.)

As I stood in line and looked around, I couldn't help but to Thank God. America has it's issues but I still believe we live in the best country in the world! Millions of people risk their lives every year illegally crossing our boarders and many more spend every dime they have just to get here. Many of these people come from countries where they aren't able to post their political thoughts and views publicly like we do here or they are intimidated by armed soldiers while heading to the polls. But we don't have to worry about that. (So maybe we need to spend less time complaining about Bush and thank God that we aren't living under a dictatorship.)

An overwhelming feeling of gratefulness overtook my body and yes, I nearly cried. I thought back to the first time I heard the "I Have a Dream Speech" and the first time I heard our eloquent Democratic Nominee speak and I imagined that if Dr. King were here today that he sure would be proud. I thought about racial inequality and how many feel that the minorities are still unfairly treated and discriminated against. For this one brief moment in time, I didn't care about any of that. I was proud of Barack Obama but more importantly I was proud of America. I never thought I would live to see the day where a black man was seriously considered for the office of Commander and Chief of the United States of America. It was beautiful.I thought about the long, dark difficult road that many civil rights activists (famous and non)traveled so that we as a nation could be where we are today and suddenly, the line didn't seem so long anymore.

Now I am not naive enough to believe that racism has ended and everything is honkey dorey but I do see that things are no where near as bad as they used to be. I thank God for all that He has done. If you'll take a moment and think back to the state our nation was in 40 years ago and look at it today it's hard to believe that we are talking about the same country. (Imagine what a little prayer and perseverance could do in our individual lives.)

I've decided to dedicate today's blog to Americans. Are you proud to Be an American? Why or why not?


Parkay said...

Hi Shanita

Yes I voted this morning and waited patiently until it was my turn to cast my vote. I think it is totally awesome that we now have the opportunity to vote for an intelligent, well educated, well spoken, God fearing black man (because we all know if you have just one drop of black blood in you you are considered black, lol) for the first time in our history. I know Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and many others who stood up for equality would be celebrating this great day too. I am also a proud, black american "christian" woman and so glad to witness this event. I remember a time when I wouldn't vote because I believed that it didn't make a difference if I voted or not. But I thank God that I stopped thinking like that many years ago when it was bought to my attention that many have died for this privilege we all enjoy today. I pray that Obama wins not just because he is a black man but because his principles speak volume and I agree that it is time for a "real" change. I pray that he keeps God first and foremost in his life when making decisions for this great country. Yes, the road ahead for Obama won't be easy because a lot of what's going on today has been happening and festering for years. It will take his whole term in office to try to eliminate some of the junk that is plaguing our lands, our cities, our children and our economy. And as americans we must support his efforts by doing our part when the time comes by being doers and not just critics when things don't turn out right. So you ask am I a proud american? Yes I am and I am ready for "real" change and prayerfully you are too. Keep up the good work lady because this is God's work you are doing, believe it or not. Take care and God Bless! PEACE!

Keith said...

I sure am Little Sis..I have never been prouder to be an American than I am today...to see a moment like this..to see people coming together.

SLC said...

All this talk of never being prouder reminds me of the statement Michelle Obama made earlier this year. Well as someone who'd been picked up by the cops because I fit the description, and someone who was fired from a job the same day the company was found guilty of discriminatory labor practices, and someone who sat through high school muscial 3 with his kids wondering why the black kid got an athletic scholarship instead of an academic like the others.......
I'm with y'all and Michelle; it took a while but I think I'm finally proud to be an American.

lulu said...

am not american but am sooooo excited, we all are in africa, congs!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Shanita we did it.......thanks for the love on my page.....loving yours too

how are you

Cynta said...

did parkay have to leave that long comment?...LOL

Shanita I am just as proud, I refused to go to bed to I had heard it all, AMERICA Did this!!!

Shanita Waters said...

Well Everyone! We'e done it. Obama will be the first black president of the USA. We were proud yesterday at the though of it. I think I speak for all of us today when I say that we are immeasurably godly proud today.

@ Shar - nice to hear from you again. I'll doing well and I'll be stopping by your blog soon.

@ SLC - imagine how proud Michelle is now! I'm happy to have her as a frist lady and she keeps herself and the girls looking great. The entire first family looks beautiful togther.

@ Lulu- thanks for stopping by! Your excitement is a testimony to the fact that this isn't only huge news for us nationally but internationally as well.

@ Cynta - thanks for stopping by. I as up late last night and the night before but it is well worth it. It was really difficult not to run through the building giving out high gives. lol...

@ Parkay - you can leave as long as comments as you like... I'm anticipating your reading your blogs. This is awesome and we'll have a good time together at the inaguration!!!! Wshington, DC: Here we come!!!

Oh yeah... please, let's all keep Obama and the rest of the first family up in prayer!!!!