Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lift It Out

“Lift it Out”
(2 Kings 6 1-7)

Elisha and the prophets were on their way to Jordan because their meeting place was too small. Along the way, they began to cut down trees. One of their axe heads fell into the water. Now remember back then, axe heads were usually tied onto wooden sticks with strings.

The man cried out “Oh. My Lord” and explained that the axe was borrowed. Elisha stuck out his stick into the water and it began to float. The man called on the Lord because the axe that he was using didn’t belong to him. It was loaned to him and he was expected to return it.

Right now, a lot of us are “on our way to Jordan”. We decided that we were not comfortable we were so we decided to move. We decided that we wanted to expand our territory. It may be spiritual, financial, economical or whatever the case may be but we decided that our “space was too small”.

I just want you to know that along the way you will experience adversities. You may even begin to sink but do as the man in the illustration did and cry out “Oh My Lord” and you too will begin to float. Who ever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

In this story an iron fixture began to float. Iron doesn’t float. It just doesn’t happen. Its chemical makeup will not allow it to. But God came to do the impossible. Regardless of the statistics or the odds against you – God is able to save your sinking situation. All you have to do is invite him in.

There is no situation that can weigh you down so far that He can not lift you up out of it.!

Once the axe head began to float, Elisha told the man to “Lift it Out”.

That’s what we must do. We must move when it’s time for us to elevate. During our move and facing adversities, we must call on our present help in time of trouble to rescue us. Once He sticks His power into the situation we must be prepared to see the way He is making for us.

Finally, once we have His direction, we should lift ourselves “out” of the situation. Remove yourself out of the stress, the depression, the debt, the abusive relationship, etc.. The man didn’t get into the water to retrieve his axe head. He removed his axe head from the water.

This short story is symbolic. Sometimes, we think that in order to straighten out a situation we need to “get to the bottom of the situation”. No we do not! It is not our job to immerse ourselves in the cares of the world. Just call him and “Lift it out”.

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