Friday, September 26, 2008

Why Ask Why

Why can’t I have peace? Why can’t I rest?
I pray and I tithe, when will I be blessed?
Why do I have to fight, why am I always at war?
Why is it that when I am right, I am persecuted all the more?
Why isn’t this easy? Why is this life so tough?
Why does no one believe me? Why do I want to give up?
Why can’t I quit, why do I strive?
When the world is against me, how do I survive?

It’s not because I’m good. It’s because of His mercy.
How he shields me from everything that tries to hurt me.
It’s not because I am powerful. It’s not because I have might.
It’s because I let go and let God – It’s not my fight.
It’s not because I’m sinless or because I do no wrong.
It’s because He that is in me is mighty, powerful and strong.

If Jesus is my portion, how can I be distressed when I can go to a place in the Lord and find rest?
If I have all the answers why am I clueless? If I know the right path, why must I go through this?
Why is the flesh so weak, why does it war against spirit?
Why is the truth so easy to speak and so hard to hear it?

Why? Why? Why? I’ll understand by and by.
Well when will that be? Meanwhile I’m battling hate, jealousy and envy?
When? When? When?
When my enemies are all around me and I’m left without a friend?

I know that I am not alone because He is always by my side.
He is my love, my ears and my guide.
He is the source of my strength joy hope and love. When I look for my help I set my eyes above.

Help me to be patient as I am waiting.
Help me to be quiet in the midst of the riot.
Help me to call you and only you. Help me to trust me to get me through.
I know you hear me because you said you would never leave me or forsake me and you are sending all these trials to build me not to brake me.

So I say thank you. Thank you for the sun, thank you for the rain. Thank you for my health, thank you for my pain. Thank you for my change and you being the same.
Why ask why and why complain?


Sharon said...

Amen,Amen!!!!!!!!! I will ponder this for the day!! Your writings are wonderful.
Have a blessed and great week.

HE Reigns Ministries said...

Hey there, this was a wonderfully written poem and very encouraging, I could feel your passion about your thoughts and your feelings. Thank you for sharing!

Cute Home Decor said...

nice, very wonderful poem, great job!